Allsky Camera Sprite Captures  

The Cloudbait allsky camera caught these sprites above distant storm clouds on September 2, 2011. This is the first time I've recorded sprites, since the allsky detection system tends to get triggered by lightning, and the region-of-intrest capture system misses the sprites which are above the clouds. The fact that I caught three on this one evening suggests that there was a lot of sprite activity, since at best only a small percentage will be recorded. In these images, the green dots mark the region that triggered the capture- in each case, it was lightning on the horizon, not the sprites themselves.

22:21:08 MDT.
22:30:46 MDT.
22:43:12 MDT.

Weather Map

Doppler radar map for the time the sprites were recorded. The blue arrow originates from the location of the Cloudbait camera, and is pointed in the direction of the sprites in the images. There were two separate storm cells along that azimuth. The altitude of the events in the pictures, combined with the distance from the map, suggests that the sprites occurred at a height of about 60km, which is typical.

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