Cloudbait Raw Meteor Log

This table shows the raw meteor data that has come off the Cloudbait camera since the last update. In general, this will be tonight's meteors. This data has not been post processed, and therefore is likely to include non-meteor events such as airplanes, lightning flashes, and other things that can generate false alarms. Use the data cautiously to determine if the Cloudbait camera possibly recorded a meteor you saw. If so, check back tomorrow at for more information, including an image and in some cases video.

Alt 1 and Alt 2 are the approximate beginning and ending altitudes of the event, where 0° is the horizon and 90° is the zenith. Az 1 and Az 2 are the approximate beginning and ending azimuths of the event, where 0° is north, 90° is east, 180° is south, and 270° is west. The Cloudbait camera is located very close to the geographic center of Colorado, so you can compare the compass angle of the meteor you saw to these azimuth values to get a sense of the true location of the meteor. Click on the event ID to plot the azimuths on a state map. The Cloudbait camera is capable of recording bright meteors several hundred miles away.

The Significance bar is calculated as the product of Length and Duration, and is intended to provide a quick indication of the likely significance of the event.

All data has been processed.

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