Telescope Cabling Details
Click for enlarged viewOverall view of the pier from the front. Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Click for enlarged viewFrom this view you can see the camera power and data cables routed back up over the left declination bearing. There is just enough service loop to allow the scope to swing back a little bit past the fork base.

Click for enlarged viewFrom this view you can see the guide camera cable and focuser cable routed back over the right declination bearing.
Click for enlarged viewThis view shows the cables coming over both declination bearings tied down to the fork arms and converging close to the RA bearing.
Click for enlarged viewA different view of the routing described above.
Click for enlarged viewThe cables are all tied to the forks just above the RA bearing. They hang from here down to the altitude spreader bar on the wedge. Wire ties are used to keep the cables draping loosely over this bar. The 30cm or so of cable hanging from just a little off-center of the RA bearing produces negligible torque to the drive system.
Click for enlarged viewAll the cables drop directly into a junction box where they are converted to Ethernet. The only wires going to the pier are an AC power line and a CAT5 Ethernet cable. All the power is distributed in this junction box, from a high quality surge suppressed power module. Long cable runs are avoided to minimize the chance of damage during lightning storms.

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