LX200, 300mm aperture, 3000mm focal length fork mounted Schmidt-Cassegrain.
ST-237A on a separate 80mm f/5 achromat guide scope with motorized positioner.
RoboFocus system driving the LX200 primary focuser.
CCD Camera
Cooled KAF0400/KAF1600 CCD camera, Ethernet interface.
CCD Camera
ST-8i, cooled CCD camera, 1530 x 1020 pixel array, 9 x 9 micron pixels, Ethernet interface
CCD Camera
ST-6, cooled CCD camera, 375 x 242 pixel array, 23 x 27 micron pixels.
Video Camera
Astrovid 2000, high sensitivity video camera, modified for remote control operation.
Allsky Camera
Allsky meteor detecting and recording camera.
Video Camera Logitech Quickcam 4000, a USB webcam excellent for planetary imaging.
Telescope Control

Software Bisque

TheSky, Arguably the best planetarium/telescope control package available.
Telescope Control


TPoint telescope pointing error modeling software. I use the Software Bisque version.
Camera Control


MaximDL ASCOM compliant camera control and image processing package.
Focuser Control
FocusMax ASCOM compliant autofocus routine.
Image Processing


IRAF, the professional standard for astronomical image processing. Sadly, *NIX only.
Image Processing

Christian Buil

Iris, an excellent (and free) image processing program.
Image Processing

Software Bisque

CCDSoft, a good program that I use mainly for its excellent astrometry tools.
Meteor Detection

Sirko Molau

Metrec, meteor detection and identification program.
Webcam Peter Katreniak K3CCD Tools, used for webcam acquisition and processing

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