Weather & Climate

Nighttime temperatures in this area range from -30°C to +15°C. A typical winter temperature will be about -5°C and a summer temperature will be about +12°C. It is very dry, with a typical relative humidity ranging from 15% in the winter to 35% in the summer. Dew and frost are rare. Precipitation levels are very low most of the year. We are on the edge of the southwest monsoon pattern, and during the summer are subject to afternoon thunderstorms. These normally clear up completely shortly after sunset. We have about 300 evenings each year where it is possible to view at least part of the sky.

Current Conditions:
Temperature: 12.8° F
Relative humidity: 48%
Dew point: -3.2° F
Wind speed/gust: 4 / 13 mph
Wind direction: W (259°)
Barometer: 21.40 inHg steady
[data is less than 4 minutes old]
Latest daytime sky view Daytime view of the sky over Cloudbait from the Cloudbait allsky camera.
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