November 13, 2003 Fireball

This bright meteor was seen by residents of Colorado at about 7:41 PM. It was seen in the southern sky, descending from east to west. Several additional reports suggest there may have been a cluster of at least three fireballs over several hours.

The location and time of this fireball was very similar to one seen last year on November 12. It is possible that both derived from the same uncharted debris stream, although this cannot be determined easily from just two events. This year we were passing through an early Leonid stream on this night, but at 7:41 PM Leo was still far below the horizon. This fireball was not a Leonid.

Unfortunately a frontal system was crossing at the time, and most of Colorado and New Mexico were experiencing rain, snow, or overcast.

Witness Reports

This map shows the locations of witnesses and the cloud conditions at the time. The only allsky cameras that were not clouded out were located between Denver and Colorado Springs. Apparently this fireball was too close to the southern horizon to trigger any of them. Based on that fact, it seems likely that the meteoroid traveled from east to west over the north eastern corner of New Mexico, possible burning up near Santa Fe. A camera operated by Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque was also beneath clouds.

Although over 100 witnesses reported seeing this event, it is unlikely in the absence of instrumented data or a wider range of view angles that the location of this fireball can be determined any more accurately.

If you saw the fireball and have not made a report, please do so here.

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