June 4, 2005 Fireball

2005.06.04 FireballThis bright meteor was picked up by the Cloudbait camera at 1:38 AM MDT (video, 106 KB). It is particularly interesting because of its extensive breakup and persistent trail (most trails are too dim for the cameras to record). This event was also recorded by the Douglas County High School Camera, in Castle Rock.

Based on the two camera angles, this meteor was traveling from south to north, starting at a height of 62 miles, 3 miles east of Pikes Peak, and descending to a height of 41 miles over Mt Herman, above Monument. The multiple points of fragmentation during the last third of the flight suggest the possibility of meteorites landing under that part of the path. However, the area is very rugged, and any finds would likely be accidental.

2005.06.04 Fireball Path

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