November 12, 2005 Fireball

2005.11.12 FireballI received several reports of this fireball shortly after it occurred, at 18:34 MST. It was caught on the Cloudbait allsky camera and may have been captured on other cameras as well. Witnesses reported a bright, white to green meteor that broke up at the end of its flight.

The Cloudbait image is shown to the left, and may also be viewed as a video (135 KB). The large gap represents data lost while the initial images were being saved.

Until more camera data becomes available, it is difficult to precisely define the meteor path. I estimate that it began over Kremmling, CO, and exploded near Meeker, CO. It followed a shallow, 90 mile path.

This meteor was not part of the annual Taurid shower that has been producing many fireballs recently. It appears to have a radiant very near that of a similar fireball that occurred two nights ago. If so, the two events may be related.

2005.11.12 Fireball Path

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