December 25, 2005 Fireballs
Christmas evening, December 25, saw two bright fireballs over Colorado. Both appear to be sporadic- unassociated with any shower.

2005.12.25 FireballThis bright meteor at 7:06 PM MST was reported by one witness from Denver, Colorado. It was also captured on the Cloudbait camera (video, 84 KB).

At this point there is not enough information available to define its position, except to say that it was over central eastern Colorado, between Calhan and Seibert. The low speed and apparent explosion during flight suggest this meteor may have produced meteorites over the prairie.

2005.12.25 Fireball

This long, bright meteor at 8:55 PM MST was reported by witnesses from Denver to Leadville. It was also captured on the Cloudbait camera (video, 102 KB). The camera recorded the beginning of the fireball at azimuth 220°, just visible on this image. It then dropped several seconds of frames before continuing to record the event.

Comparing the camera data and witness reports, it appears this meteor was traveling south to north over the southwest corner of Colorado, approximately from Farmington, NM to Grand Junction, CO.

If you saw either of these fireballs and have not made a report, please do so here.

Please check back for further information as it becomes available.

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