January 9, 2006 Fireball

2006.01.09 FireballThis bright meteor occurred at 6:32 PM MST. I witnessed it myself through a high window, and it was captured by the Cloudbait camera (left, video, 363 KB) and the DMNS camera (below, video, 298 KB).

The fireball began several miles east of Limon, CO, at a height of 48 miles. It descended to the northwest, terminating at a height of 28 miles over Englewood, CO, a suburb of Denver. The fireball radiant was at RA = 6h 23m, dec = -4° 36', in Monoceros bordering Orion. This does not correspond to the radiant of any known shower.

The event was long- at least eight seconds. The path appears segmented in the images because the camera stops recording periodically to save frames.

2006.01.09 FireballThis is the image from the DMNS camera located in central Denver.

The fireball path is from Limon to south Denver.
Fireball Path

If you saw this fireball and have not made a report, please do so here.

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