March 3, 2006 Fireball

2006.03.03 Fireball

2006.03.03 Fireball

This bright meteor occurred at 5:24 AM MST. It was captured by the Cloudbait camera (left, video, 493 KB). It was also caught on the DMNS camera in Denver (below). Because of thin clouds and a long distance (100 miles), the DMNS camera only saw the fragmentation flashes.

This is one of the longest fireballs I've recorded, lasting some 12 seconds. Some fragmentation is observed mid-flight. This fireball appears to have been in very shallow flight; it is unclear if it burned up after beginning to fragment, or skipped back out of the atmosphere. As additional camera data become available it should be possible to determine this.

The fireball was traveling generally east to west across southern Colorado. The fragmentation occurred over the north end of the Wet Mountain Valley, at a height of about 29 miles. The low speed and height mean this fireball might have produced meteorites, which would probably be found in the relatively flat country between Texas Creek and Westcliffe.

If you saw this fireball and have not made a report, please do so here.

Please check back for further information as it becomes available.

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