February 3, 2007 Fireball

2007.02.03 FireballThis event occurred at 10:27 PM MST. It was caught on four allsky cameras, but was apparently not widely witnessed. With a magnitude of at least -10, it approached the brightness of the full Moon (which is also seen in the image, from the Cloudbait camera). A video is also available.

The meteor descended steeply, only 35° from vertical. It began southeast of Buena Vista, and ended east of Twin Lakes. The meteor first appeared at a height of 87 km (54 miles) and disappeared at a height of 34 km (21 miles). The average velocity was a relatively low 18 km/s (11 mi/s). There is no terminal explosion, just a gradual drop in intensity. This intensity profile, and the steep entry angle, argue against the meteor having produced meteorites. Even if any were produced, however, the mountainous terrain under the entire path makes finding them unlikely.

The radiant of the meteor was RA 4h 36m, dec +65° 45' (in Camelopardalis), which does not correspond with any known shower.

2007.02.03 Ground Path

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