October 6, 2007 Fireball

2007.10.06 FireballThis fireball occurred at 5:54 AM MDT over central Colorado. I have received one possible witness report.

Data has been recovered from the following cameras:

The image at left is from the Cloudbait camera. From this location, the meteor brightness was about magnitude -10, or the same as a half Moon. This meteor radiant was at RA=133° dec -19, which is not associated with any known shower.

Based on data from the cameras, the meteor appeared several kilometers north of Castle Rock, CO at a height of 85 km (53 mi) and descended to the northwest (bearing 316°), exploding at a height of 78 km (49 mi) over the Littleton area of Denver. The descent angle was 18.4° from horizontal, and the average speed was 23.9 km/s (54,000 mph). Ordinarily this low speed and shallow descent angle would be a strong indicator for meteorite production, however, the high altitude of fragmentation and large luminous efficiency suggest this meteor was the product of a porous, fragile parent body. As such, it may have burned up completely. If meteorites were produced, I'd anticipate carbonaceous chondrites in the Marston Lake area.

If you saw this event and have not made a report, please do so here.

Please check back for further information as it becomes available.

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