March 20, 2008 Fireball

This event was witnessed over much of Colorado at 8:56 PM MDT. Most witnesses reported a vivid green color, as well as some orange or red in the core. These colors, as well as the early evening time, suggest a low velocity meteor capable of producing meteorites.

The Cloudbait camera was under snowy conditions at the time, and did not record the fireball. An allsky camera in New Mexico (link) recorded it through clouds on the horizon, allowing at least one very accurate azimuth to be determined. It may be on an additional allsky camera which has not yet reported in. Based on the data received so far, I estimate that this fireball was generally over the southwest corner of Colorado, probably a little north of Mesa Verde. The map below shows the New Mexico camera azimuth in blue, several witness azimuths in red, and the probable ground path zone in green. The meteor was traveling southeast to northwest.

2008.03.20 Path

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