December 4, 2008 Fireball

2008.12.04 FireballThis very bright fireball occurred over southeast Colorado's at about 8:43 PM MST. I have received over 60 witness reports (shown as green dots on the map at left), as well as inquiries from Denver news providers. Unfortunately, a winter storm was just clearing from the region, and both of the cameras best situated to record the meteor were still under cloudy skies.

Using reports from as far west as Salt Lake City, as far east as western Nebraska, an from all around the Denver area, I have been able to approximate the meteor path (shown as a blue-green arrow on the map). It probably began over the La Junta area, and ended over the Kit Carson area. At this point I can't accurately determine its speed or angle of descent. There are a number of active meteor showers around this date, but the direction of the meteor isn't consistent with any of them.

Witnesses reported that the flight was fairly slow, lasting several seconds, and that the meteor what white to green, with an orange core that broke up into two or three separate pieces towards the end. This description is suggestive of the sort of meteor capable of dropping meteorites, but without additional information from witnesses near the end of flight, it is impossible to know where to look.

If you saw this event and have not made a report, please do so here.

Please check back for further information as it becomes available.

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