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Privacy information: any data you submit here will be used solely for the purpose of researching the meteor you saw. Neither your name nor email address will be redistributed to anyone not directly involved with studying this event. If the data is used in any publications, all personally identifiable information will be removed first. All of the fields are optional. If you include an email address, I may send you occasional updates on the progress of any research about the meteor you are reporting.

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Fireball Report Form



Note: Because there have been several fireballs reported recently, please be very careful to provide the correct date and time for the event you are reporting here.
When did you see it?
 Date: Time:

Your approximate location: (city, state, cross streets, etc). The zip code is very helpful, as is the direction you were facing when you saw the fireball. Please provide any comments in the box at the bottom of the page.

Latitude:  Longitude:  -or- ZIP Code:

Altitude is degrees over the horizon, from 0° at the horizon to 90° overhead.
Azimuth is the angle from north, with north=0°, east=90°, south=180°, west=270°.
For azimuth, you can also list compass directions, e.g. NE, WSW, etc.

When I first saw the fireball,
its azimuth (direction) was   and its altitude (above the horizon)

When I last saw the fireball,
its azimuth (direction) was  and its altitude (above the horizon) was

My azimuth measurements are: Don't know  -or- Magnetic  -or- True

Additional comments:

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