2006 Perseid Shower

The annual Perseid meteor shower occurs when debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle intercepts the Earth at a high velocity. The debris stream is somewhat diffuse, so we see activity for many days on either side of the peak. This year, the shower occurred during a nearly full Moon, which limited visibility to brighter meteors. Also, my area of Colorado has experienced an extraordinarily wet summer, and clouds significantly interfered with viewing.

2006 PerseidsThis is a composite image of 95 meteors collected over three evenings, August 10-12. Since the images were collected over about seven hours each night, the radiant of the shower is not in a fixed location. However, because most of the meteors occurred within a few hours of dawn, there is still an indication of a common radiant.

Long string-like images are stars captured as they traveled across the sky over many hours.

There are quite a few fireballs in this composite image; here are a few of the best as video:

First night (92 KB)
Second night (64 KB)
Third night (72 KB)

Check here for more information about meteors and for images from showers in recent years.

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