2008 September Perseid Shower

The annual September Perseids normally only produce a few meteors, making it difficult to detect. The shower is poorly characterized, and the parent body is unknown. This shower should not be confused with the much more active Perseids seen in mid-August.

2008 September Perseids Composite Occasionally the September Perseids show a burst of activity, and this occurred on the morning of September 9, 2008. This image is a composite of 19 meteors, most fireballs, which were recorded over just a few hours. Because the peak was short, the radiant did not move far, and it is quite obvious just to the left of center.

Long string-like images are stars or planets captured as they traveled across the sky over many hours. Capella is the most obvious star trail, just to the left and below the center of the image, near the shower radiant.


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