17 December 2023 Fireball

This very bright fireball occurred over southwest Colorado at 4:12 am MST. I estimate that the terminal explosion occurred near Montrose, CO, which is about 150 miles from my cameras. From Cloudbait I estimate a magnitude of -12.5, about the same as a full Moon, making this a superbolide event. A number of witness reports were submitted to the American Meteor Society. Their path estimate based on those reports is a little too far to the north, but is likely about right east-to-west.

Camera Captures

Image from the Cloudbait camera. (video)

Image from Cloudbait off a new allsky camera that is under development and was running experimental software. Note that this image allows the path to be resolved against background stars. The fireball is right on the western horizon, just west of Orion. This allows the azimuth to be very accurately determined. However, it is too close to the horizon to reliably determine the altitude.

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