I have loved photography since the sixth grade, when a committed teacher convinced the school to build a darkroom and start a summer photography program. By junior high school I had bought a nice SLR camera and put together my own darkroom. With the advent of digital cameras and image processing software, the opportunities for photography have grown beyond measure.

My "serious" equipment includes a Canon 7D with an assortment of lenses. But I increasingly use my phone camera (currently a Pixel 6 Pro) for my imaging, especially for landscapes and panoramas. For these purposes, it generally outperforms the DSLR. I shoot panoramas with the phone in portrait position, and stitch the images together with Microsoft ICE, which generally does a brilliant job. I process my shots in Photoshop.

Living where I do, I also enjoy wildlife and bird photography. This is one area where the DSLR with a good zoom lens still cannot be beat (although the optical telephoto in the Pixel 6 Pro has extended the use of that camera for considerably). Camera phones are really only good at their native resolution. Software zooms are a bit of a joke.

I have a small collection of my photographs published here.